Canadian PM Trudeau Corners Himself Between His Enthusiasm For Trans & Muslims

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023 - 09:00 AM

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The needle on my schadenfreude meter jumped so hard to the right that it’s stuck there in red zone, where my soul is endangered by excessive pleasure in the suffering of another. It must be because I find Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau such a phony doofus, pretending to be a model of unpretentious tolerance while destroying the civil liberties of his opponents (as in the brutal repression of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy demonstrations against his extreme Covid lockdown).

The former high school drama teacher certainly loves role playing, including costumes, as in his notorious familial cosplay during a trip to India 5 years ago that was so over the top that many locals felt uncomfortable:

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

But last month he found himself caught between his urges to pander to the trans movement on the one hand, and his longstanding desire  to be perceived as the champion of Muslims in Canada, a position that enables him to criticize and demean believing Christians as intolerant bigots.

But there is a slight problem that just won’t go away. Believing Muslims don’t want their children indoctrinated in schools with ideology being pushed by the trans movement in North America. Just over three weeks ago,  Canadian Muslims demonstrated outside his office in Ottawa, as reported by the Post Millennial:

 A group of Muslims gathered outside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office to protest the LGBTQ indoctrination and the addition of Progress Pride flags on government buildings. Canadian flags could be seen at other entrances.

In a video posted on Twitter by Dacey Media, protesters chanted, "Leave our kids alone" and "The Flag has to go" while pointing to the Progress Pride flag on the side of the building. 

"We need the Canadian flag up there," one man says to the crowd pointing to a flag on the side of the building. "This is the Prime Minister of Canada, it should only be the Canadian flag." 

The issue had first heated up in Alberta, the oil-rich province that is milked to subsidize Eastern Canadian provinces, and which tends to be more conservative. On June 6th, a junior high school teacher in the provincial capital Edmonton was caught on tape berating Muslim pupils for skipping school to avoid LGBTQ Pride events:

“You can't be Canadian if you don't believe people can't marry whoever they want! You don't belong here!”


On July 12  Trudeau was in Calgary, the largest city in Alberta and a major oil center, and sat down with a Muslim parent, trying the play the respect-everybody role, and wearing an open collar sports shirt as Mr. Casual Nicegyuy. And that’s where he stepped in it. You’ll find below an 8 minute+ Twitter video with more than 7 minutes of Trudeau going on and on (he loves to hear himself talk), which I invite you to watch if you can stand him play acting his role that long. (I had to force myself, but that’s my job.) Fortunately, the Post Millennial transcribed the key points. Using the favorite terminology of Nina Jancowicz, he cited “misinformation and disinformation.” For Muslims who revere the Koran as the word of Allah delivered to Mohammed, the implications are mind boggling.

 "First of all, there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation out there.

But he didn’t stop there. He continued on, casting devout Muslims following the Koran as patsies of… the American right wing.

People on social media, particularly fuelled by the American right-wing, are spreading a lot of untruths about what’s actually in the provincial curriculums.

"Now if you look at the various curriculums, you’ll see that there is not what is being said out there about aggressive teaching or conversion of kids to being LGBT. That is something that is being weaponized by people who are not doing it because of their interest in supporting the Muslim community," Trudeau said.

Twitter video screengrabs

Here is the tweet containing the full performance:

Muslims and Christians objecting to LGBTQ indoctrination (sometimes, side-by-side) are not the only Canadians disgusted by Justin. Watch as he is enthusiastically booed delivering the opening remarks at the North American Indigenous Games yesterday:

Now, living during the presidency of Joe Biden, I have no legitimacy in mocking Canadians for their head of government.  But I do hope that the bloom is off the rose and that this era of Canadian politics will be over with a massive electoral repudiation. It’s probably too much to expect the government will fall, as can happen in a parliamentary system, but I have had enough to Justin to last 5 lifetimes.