Climate Change Activists Target BlackRock Headquarters In London As Hundreds Occupy Financial District

New reports are emerging Monday morning that climate change activists are targeting BlackRock Investment Management offices in London. 


The report, shared by a Reuters field journalist, says activists are "gluing themselves to the front of the building and blocking the entrances." 

Twitter account Matthew Jonestweeted an image of the mob in front of what appears to be BlackRock's headquarters in London, located at Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue. 

Matthew Jones labeled the tweet with the hashtag #ExtinctionRebelion

Reuters confirmed Extinction Rebellion is behind Monday's BlackRock protest. 

"XR is targeting BlackRock because it's the world's biggest backer of climate and rainforest destruction," the Extinction Rebellion group said in a statement.

 "BlackRock stokes the fires that are destroying our planet. It invests in companies that use deforestation to produce beef, soy, palm oil, rubber, and timber." 

Last week, we said Extinction Rebellion protests are scheduled across 200 sites in London during October. These protests could bring the city to a standstill as protestors demand government officials, now mega-corporations, to take immediate action to combat climate change. 

The climate change activists aren't just attempting to shut down major parts of London's infrastructure, like roads, bridges, highways, rail, airports, and ports, but it now seems they're now targeting investment firms. 

Several months ago, we reported how Larry Fink's BlackRock is one of the top investors in companies "responsible for tropical forest destruction in the Amazon and around the world."

BlackRock is the top three shareholders in 25 of the world's biggest publicly traded deforestation-risk companies; these companies are known for producing soya, beef, palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber and timber, but also have a long track record in burning down forests to clear land for agriculture purposes.

Climate change activists in London are already causing severe economic and social disruptions. 

Another breaking tweet reportedly shows Extinction Rebellion protesters "occupying" the London financial district, according to Twitter handle Neil Gordon.

More footage shows hundreds of protesters shutting down streets in the business district.