Comer To Reveal Evidence Wednesday On Biden Family Receiving Money In Exchange For Policy

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, May 08, 2023 - 07:05 PM

Authored by Thomas Lifson via American Thinker,

As a friend put it after watching House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s 14-minute interview with Maria Bartiromo Sunday,

Either Comer is totally delusional or the Biden family, including Joe, is going down.”  


Comer has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday that he says will lay out an array of evidence. That is the deadline for the FBI to produce a document that Comer says exists which shows policy actions taken in exchange for money: bribery, which is specifically mentioned in the Constitution as a reason for impeachment.

Comer says that he has evidence that the Department of Justice has not bothered looking into, evidence that the Biden family has a “web of LLCs” that have taken in millions and millions of dollars from foreign countries in exchange for policy actions. He worries that the DoJ will indict Hunter Biden on some relatively minor crimes in order to refuse to comment or produce evidence related to a prosecution underway.

You can watch the interview below, or read the transcript that follows the embedded video.

But keep in mind that Sundance of The Conservative Treehouse believes this press conference is a mere distraction from the end of Title 42 and the rush of illegals that will overrun the border.

Transcript via Fox News:

MARIA BARTIROMO: You are sure that this document exists 100%. What if they don't release the document by May 10th? What if they decide to indict Hunter Biden for having a gun illegally before your press conference?  

REP. JAMES COMER: My message to the Department of Justice is very loud and clear. Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday, when you had the opportunity to see the evidence that the House Oversight Committee will produce with respect to the web of our losses, with respect to the number of adversarial countries that this family input penalty and this is not just about the president's son. This is about the entire Biden family, including the president of the United States. So we believe there are a whole lot of accounts that the IRS and the DOJ don't know about because we don't believe they've done a whole lot of digging in this. And we have we spent the past hundred days poring over bank documents. I've used subpoena power to get these bank documents. We've been meeting with the former associates of the Bidens in their different influence peddling scheme. We've been meeting with whistleblowers. We know exactly what this family was doing. And by all accounts from the media reports that we're getting, what they're looking at charging Hunter Biden on is a slap on the wrist. It's a drop in the bucket. So Wednesday will be a very big day for the American people in getting the facts presented to them so that they can know the truth. And then the Department of Justice can finally do what they should have done years ago.  


REP. JAMES COMER: Well, obviously, the president signs committed many, many crimes. I mean, you're looking at potential money laundering. Jonathan Turley comes on Fox all the time and talks about he was essentially a foreign agent for countries like China. He's an unregistered foreign agent. You know, there are serious crimes. You've got the possible racketeering. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. And again, Maria, it's not just the president's son. And we don't believe these countries were paying the Biden family for nothing. We believe they were getting a return on their investment. And the return on investment would have been policy decisions for then-Vice President Joe Biden and current President Joe Biden.  

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