COVID-19 Reaction Boosts Key British Politicians' Popularity

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Mar 27, 2020 - 2:45

The UK government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in the country has so far been well received by the public. At least, that is what survey figures from YouGov suggest. As Statista's Martin Armstrong points out, when comparing the favorability of politicians key to the pandemic response, a clear positive trend can be observed.

Infographic: Coronavirus reaction boosts key UK politicians' popularity | Statista

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At the beginning of March, the prime minister for example had a negative net favourability rating of minus seven. Fast forward to the beginning of this week – and the introduction of a far-reaching lockdown – and this has jumped to plus 20.

The most dramatic of turns has been seen by Rishi Sunak. A relative political unknown upon his appointment as chancellor in February, Sunak has gone from a minus seven rating to a plus 49, thanks presumably to the financial support he has provided to individuals and businesses to counteract some of the negative economic effects of the coronavirus.