Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Yanked Off Live Radio For Excessive Swearing

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was yanked off a Dallas radio station for berating the hosts in a foul-mouthed tirade.

Calling in to the team's official radio home, 103.5 the Fan in Dallas just 12 hours after the team's 31-24 defeat to the Chicago Bears, Jones started off salty according to the Washington Post

"Get your damn act together yourself, okay? Now, we’re gonna have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit," he said, when asked if he was embarrassed by the loss.

"I don’t like your attitude to come in," he continued. "I’ve been traveling all night and I don’t have the patience to jack with you today."

Then things got more heated as Jones claimed he couldn't discuss specific personnel decisions due to league tampering rules - and that he wouldn't truthfully answer the hosts' questions even if he were allowed to do so.

"Do you understand bullshit?" Jones asked the hosts.

After Jones swore for a second time, the station's 'dump-out delay system' designed to prevent swearing automatically ended the call while the hosts asked Jones if he thought the team had quit on Coach Jason Garrett.

Jones returned to the air and managed to keep things G-rated.

“We’ve seen this team play better than this in recent times,” Jones said. “So you aren’t being totally unrealistic if you expect better play from certain areas of the team. …

As far as quitting on Jason Garrett, you gotta remember that when you quit on your coach, then you quit on yourself, because we’re all a part of this. … The one that deserves the most responsibility is the one that ultimately makes the decision to put what players out there and put what coach out there. That’s the general manager and, in this case, it happens to be the same man that owns the team, and I completely understand the fans’ frustration with me."

Jones wrapped things by saying “we all feel like hell” and talking about how he deals with such stress. -Washington Post

"What I do is I scream in my pillow," said Jones. "That low, low, eerie thing you’re hearing across Dallas? That’s me, screaming in my pillow."