As Crime Soars, Furious NYers Paint Giant "F**k Cuomo And De Blasio" Mural On Brooklyn Street

Amid soaring crime and plummeting business sentiment - both laid squarely at the feet of NYC mayor De Blasio and NY Governor Cuomo - New Yorkers sent a stereotypically blunt message to their 'elected' officials this weekend

The New York Post reported the mural was created around 1 a.m. Saturday during an annual block party that also served as a “small business owner protest.”

“A few partygoers got the idea to paint in huge [letters, using] yellow paint with rollers on North 15th, ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio,'” an unidentified attendee said Sunday.

“The party continued. Everyone took photos. It was a big hit. The crowds cheered, even the cops chuckled.”

As Fox News reports, the street art was written in the style of city-sanctioned projects reading “Black Lives Matter” that popped up during summer protests, including one outside of Manhattan’s Trump Tower, which de Blasio was seen personally helping  create and which also has become a vandalism magnet.

A criminal mischief complaint had been filed over the incident the NYPD confirmed and added that an investigation is ongoing.