Cuomo Slams Trump For "Fomenting Violence And Division" With Borough Park Robocall

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 09, 2020 - 02:03 PM

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo is accusing President Trump, still recovering from COVID-19, of deliberately stoking unrest in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood, home to an ultraorthodox Jewish community that has vehemently resisted Mayor Bill de Blasio's latest tyrannical orders as COVID-19 cases surge in a 'second wave'.

Cuomo said the robocall, which mentioned Trump, fomented division and violence by directing Orthodox Jews to protest virus-fighting restrictions.

Just like we saw during last year's measles outbreak, the community has been the heart of the surge in COVID-19 infections in the outerboroughs, as they refuse to alter their religious traditions to accommodate for the risk of infection.

As de Blasio sent in the NYPD to enforce his new orders to close schools - both public and private - Cuomo balked on closing businesses, but the mayor persisted, eliciting a furious backlash from the orthodox community.

Now, the Daily News is reporting that a robocall purporting to have been made at the behest of President Trump urged members of the community to take to the streets earlier this week, playing a roll in the mayhem that ensued, as a reporter for a Jewish newspaper was - according to his account as well as witnesses - savagely beaten by a crowd.

The man on the call used the name Chaim Hersch Golderberger, and said that the Trump Campaign was "urging everybody to come out with signs: 'Cuomo killed thousands'" - a reference to a policy that contributed to the enormous death toll in nursing homes.

"Come to 13th Avenue and hold big signs — 'Cuomo killed thousands' — as many as possible, as big as possible," he continues. "The Trump campaign is urging us to hold as many and as big signs as possible. Please send this message around. Make it go viral."

Cuomo slammed Trump over his campaign's alleged involvement, even as Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager said in an email to reporters that the campaign had no role in the messages.

Wednesday afternoon local movement leader Heshy Tischler appeared to be answering the call, with a fan account with his name tweeting: “urgent: who can print ‘Cuomo hates Jews’ and ‘Cuomo killed thousands’ on flags?”

"I left a message. I'd love for President Trump to come to one of my rallies," he said.