DEBUNKED! Wikipedia Editors Back Bidens, Stifle Dissent

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020 - 12:35 PM

After the New York Post published damning emails proving that Joe Biden was involved in son Hunter's business with Burisma before he threatened the government of Ukraine if they didn't fire their chief prosecutor during an active investigation of the the energy giant, a war has broken out behind the scenes at Wikipedia - where activist editors claim, with no evidence, that the Ukraine scandal has been 'debunked.'

What's more, any dissent challenging the 'debunked' status has been repeatedly dismissed, and changes by editors writing that the Ukraine scandal is an open issue have been reverted to 'debunked,' and the authors admonished.

As RT notes (which surely means Putin is meddling with Wikipedia's 'ministry of truth'), "In recent days, Wikipedia editors have been engaged in regular spats about the inclusion of the word “debunked.”"

Also notable is that one Wikipedia editor who has frequently contributed to Hunter's page, 'Soibangla,' had previously tweaked Jeffrey Epstein's page to say that there's "no evidence" that Bill Clinton was friends with the dead pedophile - despite the former President having traveled on Epstein's 'Lolita Express' at least 26 times according to flight logs, while witnesses claim to have seen Clinton on 'pedo island' hanging out with 'two young girls.'

Curiously, the same Soibangla is one of the top authors on a new Wikipedia page titled, ‘Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory’. The page was created on October 15, the day after the Post published Hunter’s alleged email history. The article calls the controversy “a series of false allegations” and references an almost identical list of eight sources to back it up. -RT

Wikipedia editors have been fighting over Hunter Biden since at least December 2019, when as RT notes, the word 'debunked' was added to the Ukraine scandal during the Trump impeachment.

It kicked off again on September 30, when user ‘Php2000’ removed ‘debunked’, noting that “Sources state [Hunter Biden] was making 50,000 USD a month as a board member in Ukraine gas company. Hardly ‘debunked.’”

Just two minutes later, according to the website’s timeline, editor ‘Billmckern’ reverted the change, adding, it’s been debunked and we have consensus language here.

Php2000 once again deleted the word, explaining that Hunter Biden making a lot of money in Ukraine was a well-documented fact. “What exactly has been debunked?” they asked. “Read the references,” wrote Billmckern a mere four minutes later, once again restoring the controversial phrasing. -RT

Meanwhile, nobody from the Biden camp has denied the authenticity of Hunter's emails.