Dem Congressman: Impeach Trump To Heal The Wounds Of Slavery

Authored by Graham Noble via,

It is hardly a surprise when Democrats accuse President Donald Trump of some terrible act. Nor is it shocking to hear the president incriminated for all manner of terrible and tragic events. But to witness a Democrat member of Congress blame Trump for slavery is too much of a stretch. Yet, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) is doing just that – or at least drawing a bizarre link between slavery and the current commander in chief.

Green, with a largely unremarkable political career, is now well known for one thing: his obsession with seeing this president impeached. The representative repeatedly and unsuccessfully introduced motions to impeach Trump – long before any phone calls to Ukrainian presidents.

Green’s Ridiculous Obsession

The congressman did have the courage to say what most Democrats seem to have been thinking for months and what drives the effort to remove the president from office: that his party must impeach Trump to prevent him from winning a second term in 2020. More recently, Green has suggested that should the president survive a Senate trial – which seems fairly certain – the Democrats could and should impeach Trump again, taking advantage of the lack of any law limiting the number of times a president can be impeached.

Al Green

However, impeachment is not enough to satisfy the congressman. Green now says that it must be for the right reason. That seems fair – until one discovers that the right reason for Green is to make amends for slavery.

During an interview on Dec. 7, Green claimed that the American people “understand” Trump must be impeached immediately, but his reasoning got puzzling when he said: “I also think that if we don’t include some of the things that are important to people of color then I think that our business won’t be finished with.”

One can only assume that articles of impeachment must incorporate language, or even charges, that acknowledge what Green described as “the original sin” of slavery. Somehow, impeaching Trump will make amends for an inhumane system officially abolished in America in 1865.

Green added, “Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion.”

Trump And Slavery

Slavery led to Trump becoming president. That makes perfect sense – at least to Green.

“So, I appreciate whatever we will do,” the congressman continued, “but until we deal with the issue of invidious discrimination as [it] relates to LGBTQ community, the anti-Semitism, the racism, the Islamophobia, the transphobia, and also the misogyny that he has exemplified, I don’t think our work is done.”

Knowing they have no case against the president, various Democrats resort to emotional appeals to justify removing Trump from office. Rather than point to evidence of criminality or abuse of power, which they simply do not have, the president’s political enemies pontificate vaguely about honoring the Constitution, protecting democracy, and even – as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently suggested – preserving civilization itself.

Green is doing the same thing; he’s just also throwing in the race card for good measure. Is anybody buying what he is selling? In a little under three years, Trump has done far more for the black community than his predecessor did in eight years. The idea that impeaching Trump will heal the vestigial wounds of slavery is more insulting to black Americans than to Trump. How many more years of being patronized, lectured to, and condescended to by Green and his Democrat colleagues must the black community take before it abandons its misplaced loyalty to the very party that resisted the abolition of slavery?