Dem Superlawyer Sends "Cease & Desist" Letter To Daily Mail For Publishing 'Intimate Photos'

Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill has hired a group of Democratic Party super-lawyers to threaten publications, including the Daily Mail, that have dared to republish naked photos of the Congresswoman with one of her legislative aides, with whom she allegedly had a yearslong "throuple" relationship with her ex-husband, Kenny Heslep, Fox News reports.

The attorneys Marc Elias, whose previous clients include the Clintons, the Democratic Party and Facebook, and Rachel Jacobs, another lawyer from the Democratic-aligned law firm Perkins Coie, sent a "cease and desist" letter to the UK tabloid the Daily Mail, which re-published several photos first published by the conservative blog Red State.

"This letter serves as notice that civil and criminal laws prohibit the publication of images of the character you have posted, and that our client is prepared to take all necessary means to protect her rights and to protect herself from an unprecedented, unwarranted and extraordinary offensive invasion of personal privacy," the lawyers wrote, according to a copy of the letter obtained by several publications, including Fox News.

The Mail published a series of nude photos on Thursday, which purportedly showed Hill and a former female staffer. Red State previously reported that Hill had been involved in a "long-term relationship" with the staffer and her husband. Hill is openly bisexual, and is one of the few members of Congress openly so.

However, having sexual relationships with staffers is against Congressional ethics rules, and Hill denied during her 2018 campaign - where she unseated a longtime Republican incumbent - that she had an "inappropriate relationship", but denied that she had a long-term "romantic affair" with any staffers.

Moreover, The Mail and others have alleged that the photos show Hill has what has been described as Nazi imagery (an Iron Cross) tattooed on her bikini area. That photo also showed Hill holding a bong, an instrument for smoking marijuana.

Of biggest concern, Hill has become the target of a Congressional ethics committee investigation, which some media outlets have described as "career threatening."

The lawyers are suing the Daily Mail in the state of California, where laws against publishing intimate photos are strongest, Fox News said.