Denver Business Owner Fined For Not Cleaning Up Vagrant Poo And Used Needles

The city of Denver fined a local business owner after he and his staff refused to continue cleaning up after homeless people behind his building, according to CBS Denver.

Screenshot (YouTube)

"There's food, trash, drug deals," said Jawaid Bayzar, who added "In the alley we get, ya know, the defacation, drug needles, prostitution" behind his internet company, One night an employee was sitting in his car when someone smashed the window and tried to stab him, according to Bayzar.

And when Bayzar and his crew stopped cleaning up the constant hazardous mess left by the vagrants, telling CBS he's not equipped to deal with it, Denver fined him.

"If the city’s not going to enforce laws against trespassing, or camping, or public defecation and just make me bare the cost of these problems that’s just not right," he told CBS4.

Denver officials disagree, saying that if it's happening on his property, it's his problem - adding that he's subject to daily citations until the debris is cleaned up.

Bayzar is heading to court on Dec. 18 to fight the citation.

"I’m going to go to court and do my best to argue that the City’s treatment of this unfair. This is a public crime issue and a public health issue and the city is the organization that’s responsible for that."