Dershowitz: Media 'Willfully Distorted' Comments - Challenges Haters To Debate

Alan Dershowitz slammed the media on Thursday for 'willfully distorting' his arguments in defense of President Trump during Wednesday's impeachment trial in the Senate.

In particular, Democrats and the MSM took issue with Dershowitz's description of the legal boundaries governing a presidential quid pro quo.

"If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment," Dershowitz argued on Wednesday - which many media outlets construed as suggesting that the President has virtually limitless power.

"They characterized my argument as if I had said that if a president believes that his reelection was in the national interest, he can do anything," said Dershowitz, who accused CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets of mischaracterizing his comments.

"I said nothing like that, as anyone who actually heard what I said can attest."

Stephen Colbert was particularly critical:

Dershowitz responded via Twitter:

He goes on to explain that he was arguing that a president who acts in both self-interest and the national interest cannot "by itself - necessarily be deemed corrupt."

Kellyanne Conway had Dersh's back:

Meanwhile, Dershowitz has challenged his critics to a "Lincoln/Douglas-type town hall debate."