Did SBF Buy Puff-Piece Propaganda?

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 - 01:40 AM

As FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried faces extradition to the USA following his fund's commingled asset implosion, one might be a bit confused about the gravity of the situation given recent press coverage.

For example, the NY Times on Monday published a cowering puff-piece which mentioned exactly none of the major accusations against the well-connected Democrat mega-donor.

Months before his firm imploded, Vox penned a slobbering review of SBF's "Effective Altruism" program, painting him as a benevolent crime-fighter in his efforts to help ensure Joe Biden won the 2020 US election.

But his motivations aren’t those of an ordinary Democratic donor — Bankman-Fried told Goldstein that fighting Trump was less about promoting Democrats than ensuring “sane governance” in the US, which could have “massive, massive, ripple effects on what the future looks like.” -Vox

Fast forward to Tuesday, when Vox proclaimed that SBF's support of Democratic candidates to the tune of $40 million, second only to George Soros, is "massively overstated" and essentially no big deal.

And what do we have here? SBF gave millions to corporate media outlets according to Tablet, and noted by @balajis, who suggests that it may have been done with "stolen customer funds."

Over the past two years, Bankman-Fried cultivated the media lavishly, if not carefully. Drawing on what then seemed like an unlimited pool of cash, SBF (as we’ll call the mythologized version of the real person) dispersed investments, advertising dollars, sponsorships, and donations to key news outlets—including ProPublica, Vox, Semafor, and The Intercept—with extraordinary effectiveness. -Tablet

And while some of said outlets (Semafor, and The Intercept for example) covered FTX without obvious bias, recent pieces from Vox suggest the investment has paid off in spades.

On Wednesday, Vox must have realized how dumb they looked - leading to Vox's Dylan Matthews (who oddly took the "Vox" reference out of his Twitter bio earlier today) dumping what appears to be incriminating texts with another Vox journo.

An interesting analogy...

And while the NY Times wasn't on the list of outlets that received money, perhaps SBF's deep-rooted establishment connections have something to do with it.