"This Is Disgusting" - Furious Liberals Triggered By Rush Limbaugh's Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Clearly, President Trump didn't give conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh advance warning that he would be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the middle of last night's State of the Union. Because the stunned look on Limbaugh's face when the cameras panned back to him was something that simply can't be faked.

Of course, the minute Melania Trump pinned the medal on the conservative talk radio host, who recently revealed his Stage 4 Lung Cancer diagnosis, we assumed liberals across the country would be incensed into an apoplectic rage, infuriated that a "racist", "partisan" "divider" like Limbaugh had been awarded one of the highest honors in the US, which has been reserved for such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks.

Maureen Dowd was one of the first liberals to be openly triggered, reminding the world of that time Limbaugh called a Georgetown student a "slut", as if anybody had forgotten about that.

During an appearance in MSNBC (which we imagine will devote a liberal amount of airtime to lambasting Trump's decision to honor Limbaugh), Newsweek editor Jon Meacham slammed the president for awarding the medal (remember, Bruce Springsteen has one) to a partisan culture warrior: "You have the Medal of Freedom, an emblem of the new frontier, being given to the central architect of a reflexively partisan culture in the midst of a State of the Union that had nothing to do with union."

Even Joe Biden slammed Trump's decision to honor Limbaugh, claiming Trump abused his duty to inform lawmakers about the state of the nation and instead turned the SOTU into a "reality show". Biden also slammed Limbaugh for "dividing America" (whatever that means) and claimed Trump should have given the Medal to the Tuskegee Airman in the audience last night (who was also honored).

Of course, somebody had to play the race card, and last night, it was CNN, which claimed that Limbaugh has a long history of racially insulting African Americans, stoking some controversy on the right.

One of Hollywood's most successful directors of the last 30 years also couldn't contain his disdain of Limbaugh.

AOC also mocked Limbaugh and his cancer in a post and claimed his reaction - which we thought was extremely genuine - was "disingenuous". Clearly, we process reality in a very different way than the Congresswoman.

Billy Baldwin (brother of Alec) compared Limbaugh to Jeffrey Epstein.

Remember, they're not as smart as they think they are.

Across twitter, dozens and dozens are scathing comments from enraged liberals called Limbaugh every name and insult uner the sun, with many mocking his cancer and praying for his death. We're sure they'll be promptly suspended for violating Twitter's community policies, right Jack?