Does New Drone Footage Reveal Underground Lair On Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedo Island'? 

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein made national headlines for pedophilia in 2008, the disgraced financier's lifestyle has been under a microscope. Following his June 6 arrest on federal charges of sex trafficking minors, however, particular attention has been paid to his Caribbean island, Little St. James - also known as "pedo island," where Epstein allegedly kept a harem of underage sex slaves to serve at the pleasure of he and his rich and famous visitors. 

While Epstein sat in jail pending trial - before his alleged suicide - a YouTube channel under the name "Rusty Shackleford" began uploading high-resolution drone footage of just about every visible nook and cranny of Little St. James. From the main property where a previously seen computer mysteriously disappeared days later, to the strange cube-shaped "temple," to Epstein's giant sun-dial, to an ambulance - the island, which is still being maintained by an active staff of locals, has no shortage of oddities. 

On Wednesday, Shackleford filmed a storage building which has been seen dozens of times in his footage. The structure butts up against a hill and appears relatively unassuming.

This time, however, he was filming at just the right time of day so that the sun hit the back wall of the 'shed' - exposing locking double doors leading into the hillside with what appears to be light coming from underneath


Meanwhile, there are strange tubes emerging from the ground in front of an adjacent storage shed. 

And in another section of the island, another set of doors appears to lead into a hillside:

So while we have no idea what's behind these mysterious doors on Epstein's island, he was accused of running a sex-trafficking operation - and there are doors leading into what appear to be underground facilities. Whether they lead to an elaborate underground lair or simply ultra-secure broom closets is anyone's guess. 

Just one question - if there is an underground network on the island, where did they put all the dirt?