Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change Beauty Standards In Video Games?

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 19, 2023 - 11:45 AM

For those wondering why so many major corporations are jumping onto the woke advertising train in recent years despite the fact that they tend to lose customers and money as a consequence, it's important to understand that the world of business is fundamentally changing.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that companies are "bending the knee" to woke activism - But this is not the case.

Rather, it is the corporate world as well as government institutions that are actively fueling woke activism.  If these institutions were not funding and promoting far-left ideology, it would quickly die as it should.  Instead, they are keeping it alive and are attempting to force it into the collective consciousness of the population.  Corporate elites and far-left governments are the source of the woke mind virus, not the victims of it.

You will see companies like Bud Light take a massive profit hit after jumping into an ad partnership with a man that thinks he's a woman, and then see a competing company like Miller Light make a similar woke mistake.  They are doubling and tripling down on their failures and it's not going to stop unless they go bankrupt.  This is because they are no longer operating as businesses, they are now centers for activism and social engineering.  

That's why, as bizarre as it seems, a company like Dove (a subsidiary of Unilever that produces beauty products) is sticking its nose into the world of video games to change beauty standards for imaginary characters.  In one of the most woke ads of the year so far, Dove seems to argue in favor of clinically obese women finding more representation as heroes in multimedia.

The commercial is disconnected from reality for a number of reasons.  First, it is yet another attempt to push the narrative that beauty standards are a social construct.  This is false.  Numerous studies show at least part of our concept of beauty is inborn.  While the ratio might be debatable, the reality is that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it's hard wired, at least in part, into our brains. 

Second, overweight people are considered not beautiful (or heroic) for a number of reasons:  Humans naturally gravitate toward symmetry.  An athletic body or a body with a more standard size to weight ratio is often considered more healthy and thus more attractive.  Obesity is also a potential sign of lack of mental or emotional discipline and is viewed as a warning that the person is lazy or unstable.  Being overweight increases the likelihood of future health hazards and a shorter lifespan on average.  These are not things that fit the heroic paradigm, and they are certainly not characteristics to aspire to.

The solution is not to tell people that being overweight is perfectly normal, considering obesity is rarely possible outside of first world conditions anyway.  Rather, the solution is to encourage people to better themselves.  They are not "perfect as they are."  There is always room for improvement, and refusing to improve comes with disadvantages in life, whether they like it or not.       

Third, the ad ignores demographic and genre studies for female gamers.  While leftists love to argue that around 40% of all gamers today are women, what they don't mention is that this is over multiple platforms and genres.  Women predominantly prefer to play puzzle games, sim games and RPGs, and tend to avoid competition.  Their least favorite games are action, strategy, combat and sports related.  The following video might help to explain why this disparity exists:


Erasing normal beauty standards in action oriented games would do little or nothing for women, but what if the target of this activism is not women, but men?  Maybe these companies and their feminist guidelines are designed to ruin what men want or condition men to feel ashamed for what they want?  Maybe the narrative has nothing at all to do with giving women more representation?

That kind of ugly dynamic would fit closely with the ongoing trend of woke leftists invading and undermining traditionally male spaces while telling them if they desire a club of their own they are sexist.  

Even if you don't play or care about video games, the Dove commercial is yet another example of why people opposed to the social justice movement should be more aware of the subversion of popular culture.  It might not affect you, but it will certainly affect a large percentage people in the next generation as more and more woke propaganda is implanted into every facet of entertainment and media with the goal of brainwashing western youth.