Education Shock: 200 Maryland Public Schools Have <5% Students Proficient In Math 

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 06, 2023 - 12:55 AM

Investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News' Project Baltimore revealed Thursday morning another bombshell report on the massive grade scandal in the progressive state of Maryland:

FACT: Current state of Maryland public schools. More than 200 schools (according to state data) have 5% or fewer students proficient in math. Meaning, in at least 200 schools, at best 95% of students are NOT math proficient. Seems unbelievable, but true.

Papst wrote in the report, "There are at least 200 schools where, according to the state's data, the percentage of students proficient in math is five percent or less. More than 77,000 Maryland students took the test in those roughly 200 schools. There's a chance none are proficient in math. Project Baltimore only has the raw data for Baltimore City schools. So, taxpayers will never know because the state won't tell you."

Papst said for over a decade, the Maryland State Department of Education has redacted test scores in what they say is "enhanced deidentification." The redactions replace test score data with asterisks so the public will never know students' progress, while state officials can boast about spending the most ever on education. 

Sean Kennedy from the Maryland Public Policy Institute told Papst in April: "The State Education Department is instituting a cover-up of what's going on in public schools; it's outrageous." 

In February, Papst revealed that 23 Baltimore City Schools had zero students proficient in math from an inside source in the school system. And again, last month, he found 13 Baltimore City High Schools had zero students proficient on the state math exam. 

State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury is anticipated to step down over the grade scandal on Friday.

It's absolutely absurd that education officials appear to be covering up failing test scores across the leftist state while robbing the younger generation blind of an education. Maybe they care more about their paychecks and bonuses than the future.