Elizabeth Warren Tries Disappearing Act After Being Caught Exiting Private Jet

Native-American? Woman of the people? Billionaire-bludgeoner? Climate-change alarmist?

It would appear, by the looks of this latest clip catching Senator Elizabeth Warren exiting a private jet, that not everything she says is true (allegedly)!

By far the most entertaining part of the brief video is her camera-evasion techniques once she realizes she is being filmed, finding refuge behind one of her staff...

Well we know at least one person who is going to be very disappointed in you lizzy...

But the hypocrisy goes even deeper. As Fox News reports, Warren, who funds her trips with campaign cash, tweeted as recently as last Thursday about Trump administration officials using private aviation on the taxpayer's dime. She specifically referenced former Trump Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who still owes the U.S. government over $300,000 in travel expenses, according to an Inspector General report.

Between June and September, Warren paid over $150,000 to "Advanced Aviation," a private jet charter service, according to FEC filings. Last week the Washington Examiner reported she had spent over $700,000 total on private aviation.