Energy Secretary Rick Perry To Resign Next Month: Report

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry is expected to announce his resignation from the Trump administration in November, sources told Politico.

"While the Beltway media has breathlessly reported on rumors of Secretary Perry's departure for months, he is still the Secretary of Energy and a proud member of President Trump's Cabinet. One day the media will be right. Today is not that day," DOE spokesperson Shaylyn Hynes told Politico. 

Perhaps Perry didn't want to deal with the burden of remembering the name of his boss on national TV and decided to take proactive steps. Perry's amnesia aside, the Politico report says Perry's recent visits to Ukraine have forced him into the line of fire of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump by House of Representatives Democrats. However, the same sources don't believe the expected departure is linked to the Ukraine controversy. 

As part of her impeachment inquiry against President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also mentioned Perry, who traveled to Ukraine in May. That said, the energy secretary has been free of controversy, unlike other officials in the Trump administration, who some, have already resigned. 

Perry has frequently traveled to Eastern Europe to promote US-produced energy products, such as gas and coal. "I've had the opportunity to go into so many different countries to represent the United States, our energy opportunities," Perry said Wednesday. "Ukraine is one of those."

Sources told Politico that, Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette is expected to replace Perry by the end of November.