Europe Not Allowed To Lean Conservative? Warnings Of "Crisis" Abound After Shocking Elections

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 - 08:15 AM

Some analysts are calling the results of the recent European parliamentary elections "shocking" while others suggest this was not the right-wing wave that some were expecting.  Needless to say it was enough to start a firestorm in the western media and compel French President Emmanuel Macron to call for snap elections in order to force a political confrontation between conservative parties and progressives two years earlier than expected. 

France is not the only country where the "far right" has increased its share of the European parliament vote. Far-right and hard-right parties are on course to hold almost a quarter of the seats, up from a fifth in 2019. The biggest gains are in Europe’s three largest countries – France, Germany and Italy. 

How does one define what is "far right" or "hard right" in European politics?  Well, anyone that advocates for secure borders, limited immigration, fiscal responsibility and less economic disruption from climate change agendas is automatically "hard right" in 2024, no matter how practical these positions might be. 

Why is this a problem?  Because far-left and globalist movements, most of them a minority within their own countries, have gained unmitigated influence over centrist political groups over the past several years.  They have become so comfortable in their dictatorial positions that any change in the other direction is deemed unacceptable; a travesty in the making. 

They talk incessantly about the "dangers to democracy", yet, when democratic elections don't go their way they act as if a time bomb has just been triggered.  Whenever western nations start to lean more conservative the corporate media and political elites declare the threat of impending Apocalypse.

Leftists groups across Europe are incensed by the election outcome.  In France, they are already rioting in an effort to intimidate the population, tearing down French flags from homes and vandalizing businesses owned by people who supposedly vote conservative. 

French socialists were outraged by the election, apparently oblivious to the many reasons why Europeans no longer want to live under leftist policies.

In Germany a right wing AfD politician, Heinrich Koch, a local candidate for the municipal council, was stabbed in the street by a politically motivated attacker, adding to a string of violent attacks on conservative leaders in the country.  The message is clear:  Voters are not allowed to lean to the right.  If they do, chaos will be the response.

These kinds of scenes will also likely become commonplace in the US as the November Presidential Election draws near.   

With a much larger contingent of conservative groups within the European Parliament, centrist parties will be forced to make concessions in order to gain support and political favors.  This will include greater restrictions on open border immigration, particularly from Muslim fundamentalist regions.  It may also lead to deportations.  Many voters in Europe now fear a complete dissolution of their cultural heritage in favor of forced diversity, not to mention the extreme violence and crime that comes with such demographic invasions.  

More than this, however, Europeans live in fear of economic trends like stagflation slowly crushing the middle class.  Establishment political leaders argue that the economy will be even worse under right-wing influence, though.  They claim a debt crisis will engulf countries like France should conservative groups take power.

Canadian Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, asserts that "populist forces" are "amplifying anger and fear" without offering any solutions.  This is simply not true - Getting rid of progressive and globalist politicians is in itself a solution, or at least the beginnings of one.  Nothing can be fixed until the people creating the problems are removed.

Whether or not right wing parties stick to their principles and follow through is another matter.  The point is, the public is not happy with the current state of the world and they know progressive organizations have been engineering an existential calamity in the west.  Any attempt to address the failings of the progressive cabal, though, automatically results in accusations of impending collapse.  Any focus on national sovereignty and integrity results in accusations of impending fascism.