Federal Judge Blocks ATF Pistol Brace Rule For Major Gun Group

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 03, 2023 - 01:00 AM

Submitted by Gun Owners of America,

On Thursday, Joe Biden planned to enact the largest gun ban in U.S. history—a ban on up to 40,000,000 pistols.  

But at the eleventh hour, the executive order gun ban was gutted by three federal courts. 

After a months-long legal battle with the federal government, Gun Owners of America secured one such preliminary injunction in Texas v. Garland, preventing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) from prosecuting any GOA members under this new rule.  

Similar rulings were issued by two other federal courts to members of two other advocacy organizations as well—the plaintiffs in Mock v. Garland and SAF v. ATF.  

In effect, the Biden Pistol Ban crumbled before it even got off the ground. 

Without the injunction, ATF could have already begun kicking in doors and confiscating "illegal" unregistered pistols. 

But even though the injunctions are not nationwide, it is now nearly impossible for ATF to differentiate the pistol owners they can prosecute from the Gun Owners of America members and other protected persons. 

Notably, Gun Owners of America isn't satisfied with this limited injunction. In fact, GOA had argued for a nationwide injunction, but the courts refused and only granted limited relief to its members. 

That's why GOA is also urging activists to contact Congress and urge them to provide oversight and to protect all gun owners nationwide

Using the Congressional Review Act, the ATF rule could be reversed, and the agency could be prohibited from ever enacting a similar rule in the future. 

Two joint resolutions of disapproval have already been introduced. H. J. Res. 44, introduced by Rep. Andrew Clyde, has 189 sponsors in the House of Representatives and S. J. Res. 20, introduced by Sen. Kennedy, has 47 sponsors in the Senate.  

Public calls for Speaker McCarthy to hold a vote to block the pistol brace rule have only mounted in recent weeks, with several coalitions calling for immediate action—including 27 Attorneys General currently suing the Biden Administration, 2A influencers with over 30,000,000 combined followers, and numerous members of the gun industry. 

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