Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration Restrictions On Immigration Arrests

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 12, 2022 - 01:00 AM

It's undeniable that Democrats want an open southern border; all of their policies and demands show that this is the case.  Not only that, but they viciously attack any attempt to pass voter ID laws, which correlates rather well with their immigration stance.  During the covid pandemic the only meaningful government intervention was the actual enforcement of border protections and the expulsion of illegal immigrants under Title 42, as common sense and the law requires.  However, with the covid doomfest over Democrats returned, calling for Joe Biden to end border protections and open the floodgates.

Biden did them one better and initiated a policy through the Department of Homeland Security that was designed to greatly limit which illegal immigrants Border Patrol officers and ICE agents were allowed to arrest and deport. 

Luckily, that order has now been negated by US District Court Judge Drew Tipton in Texas, who states that the DHS had no authority to issue a September 2021 memo which directed immigration officials to focus only on illegals that are deemed a "threat to public safety or national security" and those illegals that are in the midst of crossing the border.  In other words, they were to ignore any illegals that have already managed to sneak into the US.  One could argue that ALL illegal immigration is a threat to national security. 

Judge Tipton added that the memo was enacted in an "arbitrary and capricious fashion" contrary to federal administrative law.

During Title 42 enforcement and covid era border protections, border patrol agents expelled over 1.6 million illegal immigrants from the US.  After Biden's new policy initiatives, illegal immigration rose by over 1 million people and the rate of border crossings is climbing. 

Democrats now argue that the war in Ukraine justifies open border initiatives because of asylum seekers, but such asylum seekers represent a tiny minority of actual immigrants coming into the US, and an even smaller percentage of illegal immigrants crossing the border without going through proper channels.  Furthermore, Ukrainians are not special and should have to go through the normal asylum process as any other immigrant.  There is no excuse for illegally crossing into the US. 

The Biden White House now faces over a dozen separate lawsuits over its destructive border rules and its blatant attempts to hinder or cripple border officers.