For The First Time, Warren Beats Out Biden For No. 1 Spot In National Poll

Thanks to an unceasing string of gaffes that have made him look like an addled, senile old man, Joe Biden has apparently lost his luster as the Democrats' presumptive nominee and "most electable" candidate - the only one of the bunch who stands a chance at beating Trump, as many believe.

But a series of recently released polls in Iowa and New Hampshire (the two earliest primary states) showed Elizabeth Warren tied, or leading, Biden. 

And on Wednesday, a national Quinnipiac poll showed Warren had support from 27% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, compared with 25% for Biden. Though it's well within the 4.9% margin of error, it's the first time another candidate has usurped Biden's lead since Quinnipiac started the survey back in March.

Warren's poll numbers have been steadily improving since her performance at the Democratic debate in Houston earlier this month.

Biden and Warren were followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 16%, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 7% and California's Kamala Harris at 3%.

Warren's rise comes as several of the long-shot candidates have dropped out (including, most notably, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio).

And according to a Buzzfeed report from Des Moines, Cory "Spartacus" Booker might soon be forced to abandon his floundering campaign unless he can bring in nearly $2 million over the next week.

Though Warren's rise is definitely notable, the Real Clear Politics' polling data aggregator still has Biden way ahead.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has seen her poll numbers evaporate since the beginning of the summer.

And now that the Democrats have taken Trump's bait and made a circus out of allegations that Trump tried to strongarm the president of Ukraine into investigating the Biden family, once the substance of their shady dealings in the country are exposed, it could create a serious problem for Biden.