Fox's Chris Wallace Asks, What If Trump "Really Has A Point Here" Over Mail-In Voter Fraud?

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 17, 2020 - 03:45 PM

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace - no fan of Donald Trump, asked a panel of guests about the possibility that the president "may have a point" about widespread fraud due to mail-in voting.

"I know the Democrats say that President Trump is trying to block mail-in voting and trying to block billions of dollars more for the postal service in order to suppress voting in this election, but hear me out for a minute, isn’t it possible that the president really has a point here?" Wallace asked former DNC communications director Mo Elleithee during "Fox News Sunday," per the Daily Caller.

"As I mentioned earlier, there were 33 million either absentee or mail-in ballots in 2016. If we have to double that or triple that, isn’t there a pretty good chance that we will have a mess at the least, and yes, possibly fraud?" Wallace added.

After appearing stunned for a split second, Elleithee responded: "Look, I think it is certainly likely that there would be challenges if the president continues to kneecap the Postal Service," adding that states "have robust mail-in voting operations."


"When there are hiccups, the system typically catches it, as we’ve seen in a couple of the cases that have been in the news lately," Elleithee said. "So there is a system in place of checks and balances against widespread fraud or any kind of fraud."

If Trump continues to "go after the Postal Service," he continued, it could lead to "the risk of a huge mess."

"This can be fixed with more support now... It’s also terrible political strategy in that I don’t understand why he would be trying to defund the Postal Service and hurting the very voters that he relies on who receive checks, who received medications in the mail. I just do not get the politics."