"Full Of Crap": Charles Barkley Slams ESPN Host Who Claimed "White Privilege" Landed Steve Nash Nets Coaching Job

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Sep 06, 2020 - 07:00 PM

NBA legend Charles Barkley could be proof that common sense isn't quite dead yet.

The veteran NBA player and TNT commentator took to the air days ago to speak out about comments made by Stephen A. Smith, who had asserted on his own show that NBA Legend Steve Nash was hired for a coaching job over Mark Jackson and Tyron Lue because of "white privilege". 

According to Stephen A. Smith, Nash's record as a player doesn't count; he only got the job only because he was white. Smith said, talking about a league where predominantly black athletes are paid millions: “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way around this. This is white privilege. This does not happen for a black man.”

He continued: "“You just want to scream. You want to scream to high heavens. How the hell does this always happen for somebody else other than us?"

Nash is a 2 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA MVP, 5 time NBA assist leader and a 8 time NBA All-Star.

Smith's comments prompted a reaction from Charles Barkley, who said on air one day later: “I was very disappointed with some of the guys on television today talking about ‘white privilege.’ They’re like, ‘Well, this doesn’t happen to black guys.’ I’m like, ‘It happened to Doc Rivers, it happened to Jason Kidd, it happened to Derek Fisher.’ So I was really disappointed.”

Barkley continued: "When you have a responsibility, especially when you have to talk about something serious like race, you can’t be full of crap. You’ve got to be honest and fair.”

You can watch video of Barkley's comments here:

Barkley continued to highlight Nash's fantastic record as a player. He agreed that the NBA needed more black coaches but also said it "wasn't the right time" to have that conversation. 

Smith was also criticized by ESPN colleague Jay Williams, who Tweeted: “Come on SA. Steve Nash being chosen over Mark Jackson/Ty Lue is not “White Privilege”.. 2 superstar black athletes ultimately made the decision & we know who they are and what they are about.”

Hilariously enough, we did not hear Smith speak out when the NBA's Montezl Harrell referred to Luka Doncic as "bitch ass white boy" during a game several weeks ago. But, we digress...