Furious Project Veritas Donors Threaten Board Of Directors Over Reported O'Keefe Ouster

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 10, 2023 - 05:40 PM

Major donors to Project Veritas have sent the board of directors a Cease and Desist Demand Letter over founder James O'Keefe's reported ouster.

A letter from the Troutman Pepper law firm reads: "Our firm represents a large group of significant donors to Project Veritas who have grave concerns about the Board of Directors' reported action to remove Founder and CEO James O'Keefe from this leadership position, change the structure of Project Veritas entities and their Boards (raising risks for the entities' charitable status), and operate Project Veritas for purposes other than those for which the organization was established."


The group is asking that the board "immediately cease using Project Veritas funds, which were solicited using Mr. O'Keefe and his reputation for purposes of carrying out the organization's mission, in any manner contrary to that mission."

The letter requests that the board also preserve all evidence related to the matter.

On Wednesday, the board out O'Keefe on paid leave amid widespread reports of a hostile takeover. Many have questioned the timing of the move, as it comes on the heels of two bombshell undercover reports from PV which showed a Pfizer research scientist discussing the company exploring ways to mutate Covid via "directed evolution" in order to anticipate new strains.

As Headline USA noted yesterday,

Project Veritas’s board is slated to meet Friday, when O’Keefe’s potential ouster will be discussed, one source told the Intelligencer.

The backlash from all fronts was fierce and furious when news broke about the brewing coup.

Absolute madness if he is being forced out just weeks after Project Veritas celebrates one of their greatest-ever journalistic investigations with which O’Keefe was intimately involved,” wrote Human Events editor Ben Kew.

There is no Project Veritas without James O’Keefe,” Candace Owens tweeted. “I say this as a donor to the organization, but more importantly as a colleague who watched him pour everything he had into PV over the years. The money and supporters will follow James.”

Project Veritas’s board of directors tried to deflect the heat, shifting blame on “Corporate Media” for fanning flames and posting a response to the backlash.

“Despite what the Corporate Media tries to portray about our organization, know this: We have never been more motivated and dedicated to our mission than now,” the group tweeted.

Fans, supporters and colleagues of O’Keefe were less than impressed, and continued to express their support for the investigative journalist.

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