Tulsi Gabbard Unleashes On Erdogan: "Radical Islamist Megalomaniac" Who Helps ISIS

A day after the US House of Representatives in a historic vote overwhelmingly passed a resolution to recognize the Armenian Genocide, resulting in an immediate fierce rebuke from Ankara, Democratic Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard issued a video statement slamming Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan as "a radical Islamist megalomaniac" who for years supported ISIS

Erdogan has been "slaughtering the Syrian Kurds and he's using terrorists from ISIS and al-Qaeda as his militia," she explained, and has "been helping ISIS/AQ for years," according to the social media video message. She also reiterated her consistent position that the Islamic State was born of the externally funded and weaponized push to overthrow the Assad government.

"He has denied this but is now openly using militias of 'former' ISIS/AQ terrorists, exposing him for what he really is: a radical Islamist megalomaniac who wants to establish a caliphate with himself as the Caliph — the supreme ruler."

The Democratic presidential candidate said Turkey is now doing this "openly" and "brazenly" but also reminded her audience that she's been warning about this for years. 

Indeed, for over the past two years she's come under severe and repeat attacks by establishment pundits and rival Democrats for being consistent in this message — yet suddenly after Erdogan's deeply controversial and unpopular attack on US-backed Syrian Kurds the mainstream media has suddenly of late "discovered" Turkey's state sponsorship of ISIS (though we should note it further went well beyond Turkey).

Gabbard has long focused such attacks on Saudi Arabia as well, and even pro-regime change hawks in Washington, as fueling the rise of ISIS.

Concerning the Saudis, she joined relatives of Sept. 11 victims on Tuesday to demand the US government release its full findings on the role that Saudi state operatives played in the 9/11 attacks. 

“We are 18 years removed from this terrible crime, and the victims of this crime, the families who are here today, the American people deserve all of the evidence to fully come to light,” the Hawaii congresswoman said.

Gabbard added that the families of victims “want the truth, and they deserve the truth,” referencing ongoing efforts of plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit seeking the public release of still classified Saudi-related documents said to be part of the government's internal investigation into what happened.