Ghislaine Maxwell Hamstrung By Her Own 2016 Testimony, While Ex-Friend Claims She Hired Provocateur Jacob Wohl To Smear Accusers

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020 - 11:05 AM

In July of 2016, Ghislaine Maxwell spent two days with a group of attorneys in a midtown Manhattan law office and described her role in Jeffrey Epstein's life - claiming that "A very small part of my job was from time to time to find adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey." Her testimony was obtained as part of a now-settled defamation lawsuit brought by accuser Virginia Giuffre, who claims both Epstein and Maxwell sexually abused her.

“My job included hiring many people” including cooks, gardeners, pilots, assistants and cleaners for his six homes, Maxwell said in a deposition. “A very small part of my job was from time to time to find adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey.” -Bloomberg

Now, prosecutors allege Ghislaine lied nine times during the deposition, according to Bloomberg. According to an indictment against the now-jailed Maxwell unsealed on July 2, Maxwell lied when she denied knowing anything about Epstein's recruitment of underage girls, as well as the dead pedophile's interactions with underage girls at his properties around the globe.

One day after Maxwell's deposition was partially unsealed, Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell following his arrest on charges which included sex-trafficking minors.

Jacob Wohl?

A former friend of Maxwell has told the Daily Mail that the British socialite hired ham-handed provocateurs Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman to smear alleged Epstein victims, and to try and use DC connections to get Attorney General William Barr to fire New York US Attorney Geoffrey Berman fired in order to stall or stop the criminal investigation into Maxwell.

One of the women they tried to use for their smear plots, Maryland model and paralegal Kristin Spealman, told the men had been hired by Maxwell, who currently faces trial over charges she and Epstein trafficked underage girls for sex.

Spealman, 36, said the lobbyists bragged to her they had been hired around early June for $25,000 to dig up dirt on Maxwell's alleged sex trafficking victims and to get Berman fired using Burkman’s supposed influence with Attorney General William Barr.

Berman ultimately stepped down after a push from Barr. But less than two weeks later, Maxwell was charged on July 2 as being part of Epstein's sex trafficking ring and taken into custody. -Daily Mail

Wohl, who was charged with 14 counts of securities fraud in 2017 teamed up with Burkman during the 2018 Kavanaugh confirmation trials in a failed stunt to accuse special counsel Robert Mueller of a sex crime. More recently, a woman claims Wohl and Burkman paid her to accuse Dr. Anthony Fauci of sexual assault.

A form filed with the US Senate by Burkman’s company, J M Burkman & Associates, on July 3 under the Lobbying Disclosure Act shows Wohl and Burkman were hired by Granite Realty LLC.

The form lists Burkman and Wohl as lobbyists for Granite Realty, described as a ‘real estate company’, and indicates the pair will be lobbying over ‘Issues relating to US DOJ, Senate Judiciary, House Judiciary.’

New York prosecutors say the firm is connected to Maxwell, with the LLC linked to her purchase of a New Hampshire house where she was arrested on July 2 - the day before Burkman’s lobbying disclosure was filed. -Daily Mail

It's a bit odd that Ghislaine Maxwell - the daughter of alleged Mossad operative Robert Maxwell, would hook up with Wohl - who 'catfished' Mueller accuser, Carolyne Cass, by claiming he was a "25-year-old, Mossad-trained private investigator named "Matthew Cohen."