GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Mocks AOC With "Let's Go Brandon" Dress

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Nov 05, 2021 - 05:20 PM

Leave it to Colorado's Lauren Boebert to troll AOC harder than she's probably ever been trolled before.

The Republican Congresswoman went to a social event this week wearing a dress with the newly verboten satirical phrase "Let's Go Brandon" scrawled on it in a mockery of AOC's infamous "Tax the Rich" dress from the Met Ball (a gala mostly populated by extremely rich people).

The congresswoman from Colorado donned a red dress with the words “Let’s Go Brandon” during an event at former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach on Thursday.

Boebert's allies rallied to her defense on Twitter.

As we have explained, in recent weeks, “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a euphemism for the chant “F**k Joe Biden.” Jeff Duncan, a GOP congressman from South Carolina, wore a mask with this phrase on the House floor earlier this month.

Finally, Boebert posted a tweet of her posing with President Trump, with the tag line "it's not a phrase, it's a movement" (although some on twitter claimed that the photo of Trump and Boebert had been  photoshopped the picture).

Boebert also shared a photo of her in the red dress posing with former Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, joking that the tweet should probably come with a "trigger warning" for "Leftists who are scared off by strong, truth-telling women."

Instead of a trigger warning, Twitter's trending topics tab showed a new hashtag: #ThankYouBrandon - an apparent effort by Democrats on Twitter who are trying to generate the illusion of support for a president whose approvals ratings sag by the day. 

Joe "Brandon" Biden definitely has a certain ring to it - no?