Gov Cuomo Wins Emmy For "Masterful" COVID Press Conferences

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Nov 20, 2020 - 06:40 PM

Hollywood has never been afraid to shamelessly flaunt its allegiance to the Democratic Party, but handing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo an Emmy for his "masterful" COVID-19 press conferences seems like they're going too far.

Cuomo was awarded the International Emmy Founders Award, which has previously been given to a diverse group of characters, including both Steven Spielberg and Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes.

The Emmy's announcement was accompanied by a Hollywood headshot of Cuomo with his 100-watt smile, a sign of a healthy and guilt-free conscience.

Cuomo's daily press briefings, which ended back in the summer (though he has been holding briefings again with increasing frequency lately) were broadcast by the MSM - CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, NBC News - into the homes of millions of terrified Americans. Unsurprisingly, Cuomo spent most of the summertime lull polishing off a book called "American Crisis: Lessons in Leadership".

Accepting the award might rub millions of New Yorkers struggling with mounting debts and dwindling savings, as the governor imposes new restrictions on non-essential business hours and public gatherings, while the city shutters schools for the more than 300k kids who were receiving in-person education.

Of course, Cuomo's press conferences haven't always gone smoothly for the governor. At one point, the New York Times was more focused on his "right-hand woman" Melissa DeRosa. And the other day, the governor got into it with a couple of reporters after trying to defend the clarity of the state's new measures, only to be contradicted by NYC when school closures were announced minutes later.

Cuomo's critics on the left and right knocked him over his shameless book-slinging, and now his Emmy win.

Will the Pulitzer people award Cuomo with an honorary Pulitzer as well?