'Greta' Uber Alles?

Forget Big Brother, in San Francisco it's Big Sister as the uber-liberal city that prides itself on its eco-consciousness is poised for the completion of a massive mural of teenage climate-fearmonger Greta Thunberg staring down judgmentally on all those over the age of 16 who refuse to ditch their private jets, cars, and cows...

The Guardian reports that the Argentinian muralist Andres Iglesias, who signs his art with the pseudonym Cobre, is expected to complete the work next week.

“Climate change is real,” Cobre told SFGate.

“This girl Greta is awesome and she knows what she’s doing. I hope with this mural people will realize we have to take care of the world.”

Some have suggested some eery similarities...



Or ISIS Executioner?

Don't dismiss it - you never see them in the same place at the same time...?

*  *  *

It’s not the first time Thunberg has been immortalized in street art. Earlier this year, the UK-based aerosol artist Jody Thomas painted a 50ft portrait of the teenager on the face of the historic Tobacco Factory in Bristol.

And, as we noted recently, a mural of Thunberg was defaced in Edmonton, Alberta, with the vandal telling Thunberg to stop lecturing him on how to live his life.