Guess Which 2020 Candidates Big Tech Employees Are Donating To?

Which 2020 presidential candidates are employees of the world's largest tech companies donating to? The answer might surprise.

According to Federal Election Commission data analyzed by Yahoo Finance!, while former Vice President Joe Biden may be the national frontrunner according to polls, he's at the of the pack for those working at Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Who's their favorite? Everyone but Netflix employees prefer Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to the tune of around 30%.

Donations for Elizabeth Warren hover around 20% (26% at Google), while anywhere from 10 - 22.4% of employees tossed their money into a dumpster fire with donations to Kamala Harris, who exited the race earlier this month - over a lack of finances.

Interestingly, President Trump received anywhere from 1.4% of donations from Google employees, to 13.7% of donations at Netflix!

Biden, meanwhile, gets the saddest of trombones in big tech - with donations ranging from 0% at Netflix to 2.6% at Microsoft.

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