Guess Who's Seated Next To Anderson Cooper For CNN's On-Air Cuomo Suspension Announcement

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021 - 03:20 PM

When CNN's Anderson Cooper uncomfortably informed the network's audience yesterday that Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely following the release of new documents revealing he leveraged media sources to help dig up dirt on his brother's sexual misconduct accusers, Cooper was seated right next to the man who as everyone knows was literally caught in an embarrassing act of sexual misconduct himself.

Bizarre, awkward and deeply disturbing is an understatement...

"Some news about this network," Cooper told CNN viewers after wrapping up a discussion with the network’s top legal analyst, sidelined from last October until June over his Zoom masturbation incident, who was still visible on screen

Toobin had "a front-row seat" in the studio, placed immediately to Cooper's right, for the announcement as FOX noted. The CNN political analyst only recently returned after he himself was temporarily suspended by CNN and fired from The New Yorker when he was caught pleasuring himself on a 'live' zoom call in October 2020 in full view of colleagues, including female journalists.

He had been allowed back into the fold at the failing cable news network following a six-month period of 'reflection and growth'. It was in early summer that he suddenly reappeared for an awkward post-masturbation apology tour, which began in a cringe-worthy interview with CNN host Alisyn Camerota.

Fast forward to this week's Chris Cuomo scandal, and Loobin Toobin sat there with a half-grin on his face while Cooper introduced the segment announcing Cuomo's departure

"It involves Chris Cuomo, the host of ‘Cuomo Prime Time.’ New documents released this week indicated that Chris was more intimately involved than previously known in helping his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo craft a defense amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations," Cooper said as the camera cut away from Toobin to focus solely on the "AC 360" host


Apparently Cooper had been "emotional" upon learning of Cuomo's suspension, as a written report by CNN noted.

"Cooper's team was also blindsided by the news and left scrambling to fill the extra hour," it said, detailing that later "an emotional Chris Cuomo met with the show's staff."

Picking up on the potential "messaging" that the strange imagery of Toobin and Cooper seated side-by-side while the latter began in a somber tone "Some news about this network..." a number of observers speculated that this likely means Cuomo too will eventually be back. One day soon it'll be as if nothing ever happened.

Toobin certainly looks more comfortable in the CNN studio compared to his surreal "comeback interview" in June...

You can't make this up. Only at CNN.