"Here's What's Really Going On": Elon Musk Livestreams Southern Border Chaos 

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 29, 2023 - 11:45 AM

Earlier this week, Kentucky GOP Sen. Mitch Glitch McConnell said, "Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians - that's the number one priority of the United States right now - according to most Republicans." 

On Thursday, Elon Musk asked on X: "Why do so many American politicians from both parties care 100 times more about the Ukraine border than the USA border?" 

Musk asks such a question because, in recent weeks, the southern border crisis has once again erupted in chaos (read: here & here), primarily in Eagle Pass, Texas. And at the same time, the corporate media and the Biden administration downplay the massive influx of illegals into the US. 

In a search for truth, the world's richest man encouraged millions of his followers to become citizen journalists to uncover and share the truth about what's happening not just at the border but across the nation while corporate media and political elites in Washington, DC, 'distract, pretend, and divide' Americans. 

Musk recorded a livestream on X at the Eagle Pass border crossing on Thursday evening to show "What's really going on." We previewed days ago that Musk was planning to visit the border. 

Besides some right-leaning media outlets, there has been a blackout of news coverage by the corporate press about the latest border crisis flare-up. Musk's mission on the border yesterday was to show how X can be a powerful tool to share real-time coverage about what's really happening on the ground that entirely bypasses legacy and dying corporate media outlets. 

Musk's reporting of the border crisis on X doesn't stop with his livestream. He quoted another post showing illegals crossing the border while saying: "The border crisis is worse every day! New York City is buckling under the load already." 

And he commented, "!!" on another post that shows some stunning data about the number of illegals the Biden administration has allowed to pour into the country. 

Meanwhile, an MSNBC host was triggered by Musk's reporting of the border: "Why does the world's richest businessman sound like a MAGA bot, spewing out automated right-wing talking points?" 

Since when is reporting reality a "MAGA bot, spewing out automated right-wing talking points"? Yet more evidence the corporate press does not want the majority of Americans to understand the truth while they divide and conquer the populace. 

Musk is correct: If you want to defeat the corporate press - become a citizen journalist and utilize the First Amendment. We all have smartphones. It's very easy.