The Hill Reviewing John Solomon Articles After Ambassador Refutes Claims

The Hill will be reviewing articles written by former contributor John Solomon after allegations by US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch that he facilitated a smear campaign.

"Because of our dedication to accurate non-partisan reporting and standards, we are reviewing, updating, annotating with any denials of witnesses, and when appropriate, correcting any opinion pieces referenced during the ongoing congressional inquiry," reads an internal email from Editor-In-Chief Bob Cusack obtained by CNN's Oliver Darcy.

Yovanovitch testified last week that the president's allies, including Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, attacked her with false allegations that she was undermining the Trump administration's agenda and badmouthing the president. She claims Solomon was part of this effort - penning articles in The Hill containing the trash-talking claims as well as an allegation that she gave Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko a "do not prosecute list," which both  Yovanovitch and the State Department have pushed back on.

Lutsenko changed his story, telling the New York Times there was no such list. He is currently facing allegations related to abuse of power.

In response to the review, Solomon tweeted: "I welcome The Hill’s review of my Ukraine columns and suggested it myself a month ago.  I believe it won’t be hard for The Hill to review these since all my source documents and original interviews are linked for all to see. Plus witnesses have affirmed much of what I wrote."