Hong Kong Protestors Firebomb Xinhua News Agency Office

Hong Kong protestors on Saturday firebombed the Hong Kong office of the Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua, ramping up nearly a half a year of violent protests across the city that triggered a technical recession last week.

Video of protestors vandalizing the Xinhua News Agency Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau office in Hong Kong, surfaced onto Twitter around 12:30 pm est Saturday. The footage shows demonstrators smashing windows and firebombing the reception area of the building. 

A Xinhua spokesperson on Saturday evening strongly condemned the savage behaviors of protestors setting fire to its Asia-Pacific office. 

"We resolutely support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and police in stopping violence and chaos in accordance with the law. We also believe that this illegal act will be condemned by all sectors of Hong Kong society," the spokesperson said.

Xinhua is a Chinese state-run news agency that echoes the talking points of the Communist Party of China.

Protesters in recent weeks have specifically targeted Chinese businesses that have strong connections with Beijing as anger continues to erupt over what protestors say China is trying to take their freedoms away. 

Thousands of protestors shut down streets around the Causeway Bay shopping district on Saturday, throwing rocks and chanting pro-democracy slogans at police.

Police responded by firing teargas canisters and water cannons to break up several rallies. Protestors also tossed petrol bombs. 

Beijing has been unwilling to use the People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces to intervene in the protests, but if more Chinese businesses are firebombed, then it's likely PLA forces could lock down the city in the near term.