"I Am Angry": Black Scholar Who Says Harvard Prez Plagiarized Her Work Is Livid As 5th Example Emerges

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 - 02:40 PM

Harvard President Claudine Gay has now been caught plagiarizing five academic papers - nearly half of her entire scholarly output -- a sin that would seemingly be fatal for anyone else in her position. 

One of the academics who was plagiarized, former professor Carol Swain, is pissed after Harvard gave Gay a pass on what would have resulted in severe punishment and/or expulsion for anyone else, as Townhall's  Christopher Rufo reports.

"I rarely get angry, but I am angry," Swain wrote on X. "[R]ight now about the racial double standards that are TEMPORARILY giving #ClaudineGay an opportunity to resign. White progressives created her and white progressives are protecting her. The rest of us have had to work our rear ends off to achieve success. Some get it handed to them."

Rufo interviewed Swain, who said that the plagiarism went far beyond a few paragraphs - and that Gay's "whole research agenda, her whole career, was based on my work."

"She became president of Harvard and got recognition as being its first black president. I don’t believe her record warranted tenure, and I believe that I had to meet a much higher standard than she did," she told Rufo, adding "Something changed in the mid-1990s, [when] we were having a big affirmative action debate."

Rufo asked Swain what she thought would happen to a white person under these circumstances, to which she replied "A white male would probably already be gone."

Harvard announced that Gay would keep her job after a week of calls for her ouster, first, regarding her refusal to condemn calls for violence against Jews on campus, and then, after the plagiarism accusations broke. Despite a donor revolt spearheaded by billionaire Bill Ackman, a petition signed by 700 faculty members on Gay's behalf won in the end.

Meanwhile, a fifth example of plagiarism by Gay was revealed by Rufo on Wednesday.