"Impossible To Regulate" - Ghost Gunner Introduces New "0% Receiver"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 - 02:40 AM

Submitted by The Machine Gun Nest (TMGN).,

If you're familiar with 3D printed firearms or 80% receivers, a company that may sound very familiar to you is Defense Distributed. The Austin, Texas-based company was the first to distribute 3D files for their Liberator handgun, empowering anyone with a 3D printer to assemble a firearm privately in their home. 

With the ATF's pending rule change (which can be read here), previously classified items as not firearms will become firearms, and ATF will start requiring firearms parts to be serialized and tracked like guns. 

This means that under this rule change if you want to purchase a barrel for a rifle, you would have to undergo a background check like that barrel was a completed gun, even though it isn't.

The ATF, DOJ, the anti-gun politicians, and the lobby that supports them seem to think that this will stop people from manufacturing firearms for personal use inside their homes. This couldn't be further from the truth, even without Defense Distributed's newest product.

Enter the Ghost Gunner 3

The Ghost Gunner 3 is a 3 Axis CNC machine that can take a metal block and create a lower receiver in a relatively short period. You can then assemble that lower into a completed firearm without it being registered. 

Since the only part needed to create these homemade firearms is a block of metal (pictured below), it would be entirely impossible for the ATF to regulate these without an act of congress. 

While the anti-gun politicians pat themselves on the back for "stopping the proliferation of privately made firearms," Defense Distributed was hard at work crafting a tool that empowers citizens to expand their 2nd amendment rights and makes regulation irrelevant. 

I was ecstatic to see the Ghost Gunner 3 here at SHOT Show in Las Vegas this week, and I'm excited to see what Defense Distributed does next.