James Carville Says The Big Winner In Nevada Is Putin

With Bernie Sanders having solidified his status as clear front runner for the Democratic nomination by his commanding victory in Nevada last night, also dominating across demographic groups, especially Latinos and young voters, get ready for eight more months of hysterical and anonymously sourced "Russian interference" claims. 

Perhaps to be expected it started right away on MSNBC, with longtime Democratic strategist James Carville declaring Putin is very thrilled with the Bernie landslide win

Right now, it’s about 1:15 Moscow time. This thing is going very well for Vladimir Putin. I promise you. He’s probably staying up watching this right now. How you doing, Vlad?” Carville quipped in an interview with MSNBC.

We mentioned previously that this latest twist on the essentially resurrected and repackaged Russiagate conspiracy goes something like this: the Kremlin wants Trump for four more years, so the best way to do this is elevate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee — ensuring a Trump win. 

Carville was echoing this precisely, claiming that Russia's attempts to interfere are because the Russian leader “wants Donald Trump to win.” 

“I mean, it’s a straight line. I don’t think the Sanders campaign in any way is collusion or collaboration.”

“I think they don’t like this story, but the story is a fact, and the reason that the story is a fact is Putin is doing everything that he can to help Trump, including trying to get Sanders the Democratic nomination,” Carville said.

As The Libertarian Institute's Scott Horton observes of the next eight months until November: "It’s just going to be like this from now on you know."