Jeffrey Epstein's Accused Madam Attended Secretive Jeff Bezos 'Writer's Retreat' Last Year

Last year there was a curious attendee at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' annual writer's retreat; Jeffrey Epstein's alleged 'madam,' Ghislaine Maxwell.

The daughter of an accused Mossad agent who died under mysterious circumstances, Maxwell was accused of participating in Jeffrey Epstein's sexual grooming and abuse of underage girls. She was confirmed to have attended at least one (and possibly three) of the secretive Bezos get-togethers, according to VICE.

Two Campfire 2018 attendees independently confirmed to Motherboard that Maxwell attended the exclusive retreat that year. One of the sources maintained that Maxwell had attended three Campfires including 2018, but that Maxwell was not an attendee at Campfire 2019 held in early October. Campfire 2018 took place shortly before a Miami Herald investigation resurfaced Epstein’s crimes and Maxwell’s alleged links to them, which eventually led to new charges against Epstein. -VICE

Maxwell was accompanied to Campfire by tech CEO and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Scott Borgerson - who denied in August that he and Maxwell are romantically linked, or that she was hiding out at his "secluded oceanfront property" in New England - as reported by the Daily Mail.

What is Campfire?

According to the report, it's an "all-expenses-paid retreat courtesy of Bezos and Amazon that is completely off the record for attendees, who often bring their spouses and partners on the free trip." It was started in 2009.

The secretive conclaves have had virtually no press coverage (aside from a 2014 New York Times article), and has "largely remained under the radar," reports VICE - which notes that Maxwell's attendance "further illustrates the connections that Epstein and Maxwell maintained to the wealthy elite."

Tech moguls, presidents, well-known actors, and Prince Andrew all came into their orbit even after Epstein's misdeeds and Maxwell's alleged role first came to light. In fact, a secretive 2011 dinner in Long Beach, California attended by Bezos and other tech CEOs was also attended by Epstein, less than two years after he served time for underage sex crimes.


Maxwell, who has never been charged or arrested and has only faced allegations in civil lawsuits, has always denied any wrongdoing or involvement with Epstein’s crimes and has made few public appearances since they first surfaced in media reports. -VICE

Maxwell is currently missing. Aside from a strange and allegedly photoshopped photo-shoot of her having a burger and milkshake at a California "In-N-Out" (while reading a book about the CIA), her whereabouts are unknown.