Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Primary, Trump Says "End Of Bloomberg's Joke Campaign"

Biden, who had only earned 15 delegates after the first three states had voted in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, outpaced current front-runner Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders with a projected 60% of the vote to take control of at least 20 of South Carolina’s 54 pledged delegates.

This was the first time in his three presidential runs that he won a state primary or caucus.

Biden was quick to take a victory lap:

Amid a larger than expected African American voter turnout, Biden dominated the initial vote count...

And is forecast to win the primary.

The double-digit win for Biden, along with the likelihood of collecting many or most of the 54 delegates at stake, gives his campaign a much-needed shot in the arm ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries next week.

President Trump was not slow in reacting either:

Does this mean the market will rally on Monday?