John Solomon's Laptop Stolen Near White House Using 'Sophisticated Device'; Contained Sensitive Data On Ukraine, Bidens

A thief absconded with John Solomon's laptop on the eve of the Senate impeachment trial, snatching the evidence-filled device out of the investigative journalist's car which was parked near the White House, according to RealClearInvestigations, citing a report by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

Solomon told RCI's Paul Sperry that the laptop - which has since been recovered - contained 'notes on Ukraine and former Vice President Joe Biden and other sensitive information.'

The case is currently under investigation by a MPD detective.

The Secret Service is also involved in the matter, which appears suspicious. Break-ins are rare in the high-security area where the crime occurred, just outside the White House perimeter, and a sophisticated device appears to have been used to get into the vehicle.

In the early evening of Jan. 20, the police report states, Solomon’s Apple MacBook laptop and computer bag, valued at around $1,800, were stolen from his 2019 Toyota SUV parked at 1776 F St. NW, across from the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building. No windows were broken, and there were no other signs of forced entry. Authorities suspect the thief or thieves used an electronic jamming device to open the car door lock.

Nothing else was stolen from the vehicle, according to Solomon, including his US Capitol press security badge.

The computer bag was discovered the next day a block away from where his car was parked, with the contents dumped out on a picnic bench near the FDIC building - a location with no security cameras which authorities described as one the rare "dark spots" in the area.

Solomon says he is working with a computer forensics experty to determine whether any of the information on his laptop was exploited, or if his hard drive was scanned.

"It's a pretty professional job," said Solomon, adding "but it's probably just a coincidence."

"It was probably just a street criminal searching for pass codes," he expounded. "Or it could be someone searching for my Ukraine stuff. We don’t know at this point."

Solomon targeted by Democrats

As Sperry notes, Solomon's private phone number was published by House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) in December, while citing the journalist at least 35 times in his impeachment report over Solomon's involvement in reporting Ukrainegate from the perspective of the prosecutor who former Vice President Joe Biden had fired while he was investigating Ukrainian energy giant Burisma - whose board Hunter Biden sat on.

"I’m the only [reporter] who ends up having his records released," Solomon told Fox Business News recently.

"It makes me wonder whether it’s a political payback, because a few months ago, I wrote a story exposing the fact that Chairman Schiff had met with Glenn Simpson at the sidelines of the Aspen Institute at a time when he shouldn’t have been having contact with Glenn Simpson," he added. "It feels like a political payback."