Jim Jordan Slaps Former White House 'Disinformation Czar' With Subpoena After Requests Ignored

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 07, 2023 - 05:10 PM

The former head of the Biden administration's short-lived Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, was slapped with a subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday.

Jankowicz, a huge fan of disinformation peddler Christopher Steele who cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story, resigned from her position last May after the DHS 'paused' the disinfo organization. She previously served as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, and advised the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry as part of the Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship. She also oversaw the Russia and Belarus programs at the National Democratic Institute.

Jankowicz also makes creepy Disney-themed songs in a fake British accent, leading to the nickname "Scary Poppins."

The former 'disinfo czar' has been ducking requests from the House Committee for months.

"We have repeatedly sought information from you concerning your official actions and duties as a DHS employee and former Executive Director of the Board, including how the Board intended to define disinformation, how it planned to collect information and from what sources, how it anticipated countering disinformation, and how it proposed to protect First Amendment rights," Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote in a letter to Jankowicz. "To date, however, you have declined to comply voluntarily with our request for a transcribed interview."

According to documents revealed by Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the Disinformation Governance Board would have an expansive reach despite DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' claim that the board would "not infringe on free speech… civil rights [or] civil liberties."

Biden administration officials expressed particular concern about “conspiracy theories about the validity and security of elections,” “disinformation related to the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines or the efficacy of masks,” and “falsehoods surrounding U.S. government immigration policy,” in one document released by the senators.

Republican elected officials also expressed concern with DHS’s decision to tap Jankowicz to lead the board. A former fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Jankowicz repeatedly accused GOP officials and activists of spreading disinformation. She claimed that opponents of Critical Race Theory are  engaging in “disinformation for profit,” and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Republican “campaign product.” -Daily Caller

"There’s never been any indication that Hunter Biden was involved in anything untoward," she said of Hunter Biden's lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma."It certainly has nothing to do with Joe Biden’s policies toward Ukraine."