Judge In Hunter Biden Paternity Case Mysteriously Recuses Hours After New Allegations Filed

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019 - 07:00 PM

The judge in Hunter Biden's paternity case suddenly recused himself from the case on Tuesday, following a string of third-party court filings accusing Biden of financial crimes. 

"...the undersigned Judge recuses from said case pursuant to the Administrative Plan of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit," reads a brief note by Independence County Judge Don McSpadden, who offered no explanation for the move.

The recusal came two hours after 'defrauded investor' Joel Caplan filed to become a party in the case, which included a witness statement from ex-Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who says he was fired for investigating a Ukrainian gas company which Biden worked for. 

Joel Caplan

That said, Caplan's claims are so bizarre that if one had enough tin foil, they might conclude that the recent string of filings in the case are being done to muddy the waters with absurdity. 

The latest claim is that Biden was involved in a 'multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle.

Shokin's witness statement was submitted to the court as part of Joel Caplan's motion this week to try and become a party in Roberts' paternity case with Biden.

He claimed in Monday's filing that he wanted in on the case so he could get his hands on Biden's bank account records in order to prove he allegedly received $1.5 billion from Chinese companies that 'hustled Americans out of their life savings'.

Caplan told Judge Don McSpadden to 'follow the money' and in a 30-page filing, lays out how he was allegedly swindled out of 10 years of his life savings in a 'multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle.'

Caplan, who filed papers from Jerusalem, Israel, claims many Chinese nationals made fortunes from the ploy, which involved presenting fake company documents and claiming they were genuine investments when they were actual frauds. -Daily Mail

Caplan referenced President Trump's October claim that Biden received a $1.5 billion payout from a Chinese private equity fund - a claim Biden has denied. Caplan has sought bank records in an attempt to regain his lost savings, and for 'justice.'

Last week private investigator Dominic Casey also attempted to enter the case, claiming Biden was involved in a $150 million 'counterfeiting scheme'. Hours after it was filed, Judge Casey tossed the motion on a technicality for being improperly filed.

On Friday, Dominic Casey (pictured) filed papers to Independence County on Friday, claiming he had provided Lunden Roberts with 'electronic access' to Biden's bank account records, which are 'subject of known felonies including fraud and counterfeiting'

Casey heads up D&A Investigations, which is based near Orlando, Florida, and he is known for pursuing right-wing conspiracy theories. During the Casey Anthony trial he claimed a psychic told him where to find Caylee's body.  

Casey claimed Biden was involved in a 'counterfeiting scheme' in Ukraine that accumulated a $150 million fortune. Judge Don McSpadden tossed out Casey's original motion six hours after it was filed.

 In Casey's Friday motion, he gives his consent for Roberts' legal team to use Biden's bank account records in their court case, claiming that he has them.

 Biden's lawyer Brett Langdon called Casey's filing "a scheme by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some quick media attention."