Klobuchar Drops Out Of Dem Race, Will Endorse Biden

Update (1440ET): As reporters wait for the next shoe to drop (i.e. for Bloomberg to drop out of the race) the former NYC mayor and uber-wealthy billionaire insisted he was "in it to win it," suggesting that he wouldn't go quietly, according to the NYT.

"I’ve won three elections so far," Mr. Bloomberg said at a canvass kickoff in Northern Virginia, where he addressed dozens of supporters outside a campaign office. "I don’t plan to start losing now."

Get ready for that Bloomberg third-party run.

* * *

The culling of the Democratic field continues...

Following Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has become the latest Democratic primary candidate to end her campaign following Joe Biden's first-place win in South Carolina.

Sources say she will endorse Joe Biden, which is hardly a surprise. Buttigieg is reportedly meeting with Biden about an endorsement.

On Sunday night, we noted the following tweet from Democratic campaign insider Robyn Kanner. Looks like she was correct:

Klobuchar will reportedly travel to Dallas on Monday to join Biden at his rally, where she will officially suspend her campaign and give Biden her endorsement, according to CNN.

Her departure leaves Warren, Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg (and Hillary!?).

With Biden ascendant in the polls ahead of tomorrow's "Super Tuesday" contest (his highest level in the prediction markets ever), it looks like the nomination contest could come down to Biden vs. Bernie as soon as Wednesday, as Bloomberg faces pressure to accept the public's choice and bow out, while maintaining his pledge to back the Democratic nominee, unless it's Bernie Sanders.

At this point, unless Bernie has a heart attack or the DNC does something extremely shady, we're going to see Bernie vs. Trump, unless Hillary Clinton swoops in as the party's savior during a brokered convention.