LA County Removes Citizenship Requirements For Government Jobs

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Aug 02, 2022 - 06:20 PM

LA County and California in general seem to be hellbent on self destruction.  They persistently defend their immigration policies which amount to an open border invitation for anyone to slip into the US without documentation.  They passed laws allowing illegal immigrants to obtain US driver's licenses, and at least a million illegals have used the program so far.  LA County also kept most of the area under lockdown well after it became clear that the lockdowns were completely ineffective, and they just tried to bring back mask mandates for businesses again.  

It's as if they want to fail.           

Now, the LA County Board of Supervisors has unanimously decided to allow illegal immigrants to take up positions in government without ever applying for citizenship.  The rule was passed under a new “inclusive hiring” program and was introduced by supervisors Hilda L. Solis and Sheila Kuehl in June 2021.  In her original statement addressing the policy, Solis wrote:

“Los Angeles County is a community of immigrants from each corner of the world. And while our County-government workforce reflects the community it represents, there is room for improvement. This motion seeks to make clear that the County, as one of the largest employers in the region, strives to be an inclusive and diverse workforce, and is committed to not excluding nor allowing citizenship to be a barrier to employment.” 

It's just another step in a long list of policies that make Southern California a nebulous region that's part of the US, but also outside the US.  It stands as an open doorway to illicit border violations by millions of people, and most of these people will then rely on existing state and federal entitlements programs, leaching taxpayer dollars to survive.

Some points to make here:

1)  LA County is NOT a community of immigrants.  It's a community of American citizens invaded by illegal immigrants.  The narrative of the “global village” needs to stop; there is no global village.  There are American citizens and then there are people that should not be here.  That's it.

2)  When a leftist politician suggests that a county-government workforce needs to “reflect the community it represents,” they are only referring to skin color and sexual orientation.  This is irrelevant (it's also rather bigoted).  What matters is that the people in those positions are the best people for the job and that they are here as legal citizens.  Nothing else matters.  Immigration laws are important, and putting known criminals into positions of power within local government is pure lunacy.    

3)  Diversity in the workforce does not matter. Only merit matters, and criminality undermines merit.  Illegal immigrants in government are also not a measure of increased “diversity” unless you count criminals as a victim-status group.  

4)  Citizenship should always be a barrier to employment.  Illegal immigrants are not entitled to jobs in the US, just as they should not be entitled to social welfare programs.  They should apply for real citizenship instead, these rules exist for a reason.

Economically, it is an unsustainable model for any nation that has adopted social welfare programs to encourage non-citizens to invade and benefit from those programs.  This has been proven time and time again in the US and the EU.  They don't pay into them, why should they be allowed to collect on them?  If we erased many of these welfare programs, most illegals would not want to come here anymore.

By extension, government jobs should be retained for citizens because citizens are more likely to have a vested interest in the communities they grew up in and American culture in general.  Legal immigrants often have a high respect for American culture because of the extensive effort they had to go through to get here.  Illegal immigrants are much less likely to acclimate and respect American culture, and they may even try to transplant a foreign culture as a means to supplant the existing culture (we have seen this in the EU with mass Muslim immigration and Sharia Law).      

Just this month mayors from Washington DC and New York have been raging over the Texas program of relocating illegals by bus to the area.  The Biden Administration has made apprehension and deportation increasingly difficult for Border Patrol and ICE agents, so, why not send illegals to the politicians that want them in the US so badly? 

New York and DC are now awash in indigent people with no English speaking skills, no ability to adapt to the local economy and who are overwhelming homeless shelters and welfare systems.  DC Mayor Murial Bowser has even requested help from the National Guard to deal with the influx.  This is part of the reason why borders exist.

Beyond that, not all societies are equal or built on the same principles and values.  Some societies are based on destructive motivations and habits and this is not something that needs to be imported even more into the US.  We already have domestic problems to deal with in terms of social debasement and the derailment of our liberties.  We should not be adding to the pile from outside our country.

Finally, while illegal immigrants do enjoy SOME constitutional protections, they are not owed the same opportunities as US citizens and the “equity” argument does not apply to them in any way.  This includes inclusion in government.   

Any American entering Mexico or numerous other nations illegally would be arrested and possibly imprisoned for years.  They would not receive special entitlements.  They would not be allowed to work in government.  They would not pass go and collect $200.  They would have no rights.  This is how it works through much of the world, but for some reason America is expected to leave its borders open and adopt a non-integration immigration policy.  This is unacceptable and dangerous.