Left-Wing Newspaper Advises People "How To Leave The United Kingdom" After Election Loss

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Left-wing newspaper the Independent published an article advising people panicked about last night’s election result on how to leave the UK.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party swept to victory over Labour, who ran on a hard-left manifesto under their leader Jeremy Corbyn and had their worst result since 1935.

Shortly after the results of an exit poll were made public showing the Conservatives would win with a large majority, some leftists on Twitter began threatening to leave the country.

The Independent article also asserted that “some people of colour were considering leaving the UK if the Tories retained power as a result of the PM’s history of racist comments.”

“Other than packing possessions, kissing loved ones goodbye and boarding international transport, how do you actually leave the country?” asks the piece, before giving advice on how people need to settle their tax affairs before they move abroad.

As is virtually always the case after elections in both the UK and the US, threats to leave the country, often made by celebrities, are merely a form of virtue-signaling and never actually come to fruition.

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