Majority Of Americans Think Bidens Should Be Investigated Over Ukraine, China Dealings

A majority of Americans think that Joe and Hunter Biden's Ukraine and China dealings should be investigated, according to an Investor's Business Daily/TIPP poll. 

57% of those surveyed said yes, while 37% said no to an investigation. 

 The poll also found that "as a result of the Ukraine story, 8% said they were more likely to vote for Biden and 23% more likely to vote against him." 

On the flipside, 50% of those surveyed found Trump's efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Biden found it to be an impeachable offense vs. 46% who didn't. Among independents, 46% said yes while 47% disagreed. 

That said, 15% of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Trump due to the impeachment inquiry, while 18% said they were more likely to vote against him. 

Trump's efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son Hunter's dealings in the country appear to be aimed at weakening the Democrat best positioned to beat him in the 2020 election.

Although the president's efforts, first exposed by a whistleblower, have fueled the Democrats' Trump impeachment drive, Biden's political prospects have taken a hit.

Biden still led Trump, 51%-44%, in the October IBD/TIPP Poll. But his advantage narrowed from 54%-42% in September. Among independents, Biden's lead narrowed to just 1 point (46%-45%) from 18 points (55%-37%). -IBD

Let's see how people feel once the Biden adventures in Ukraine and China are fully explored.