Marines Admit 'Messing Up' For Attacking Tucker Carlson Over 'Pregnant Soldiers' Commentary

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 15, 2021 - 02:22 AM

The US Marines admitted to 'messing up' after ganging up on Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who mocked the military's shift from defense to social justice issues - after remarks by President Biden on International Women's Day on how he'd nominated two women for four-star command positions in the armed forces.

"So we’ve got new hairstyles, maternity flight suits. Pregnant women are going to fight our wars," Carlson said on Wednesday night, adding "It's a mockery of the US military" before he compared the US military to China's - which is "becoming more masculine."

Following Carlson's segment, the official Twitter account for the II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group joined a pile-on by several woke military officials - tweeting a picture of a female soldier carrying a male soldier, tagging Carlson with the caption "what it looks like in today's armed forces," adding "Get right before you get left, boomer."

After the Marines were called out for using their official platform to further a SJW agenda, they admitted "We are human and we messed up."

Also slamming Carlson was Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who said "What we absolutely don't do is take personnel advice from a talk show host."

Tucker responded to the Defense Department's criticism, saying "If the Pentagon can show that pregnant pilots are the best, we will be the first to demand an entire air force of them," adding "The US military is not a vehicle for achieving equity."

Responses have not been kind to the woke Marines.