Waukesha Massacre Suspect Charged With Five Counts Of Murder

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021 - 12:11 AM

Update (1415ET): Despite what CNN is peddling, Waukesha police believe Sunday's parade massacre was intentional.

According to CBS Chicago, Darrell Brooks, 39, has been charged with five counts of murder. According to the police chief, the deaths were "not a terrorist event."

The dead range in age from 52 to 81.

More on Brooks' past via CBS Chicago:

CBS 2 found records for another ongoing case from July, 2020. He was charged with two counts of recklessly endangering safety with use of a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm/convicted of felony. He pleaded not guilty in this case.

  • In 2011 Brooks was found guilty on a resisting/obstructing an officer charge.
  • In 2010, he was found guilty on strangulation and suffocation felony charges in Wood County.
  • In 1999, he was found guilty on substantial battery-intend bodily harm, a felony.

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson gave no immediate details about the person or any possible motive.

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Update (1320ET): The suspect in the Waukesha mass murder, Darrell Brooks Jr., was released on an 'inappropriately low' bail on November 11 in an unrelated case, after posting just $1,000 cash bail following charges of Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Felony Bail Jumping, Battery, Obstructing and Officer and Disorderly Conduct in an existing case against him, according to Milwaukee County DA John T. Chisholm.

Meanwhile, CNN is doing its best to push the narrative that Brooks - a BLM supporter whose social media accounts are riddled with anti-white hate speech, was simply fleeing a crime he had just committed and that slamming into the parade was an accident.

What's more, Brooks was accused in his most recent case of "purposefully" running a woman over with his vehicle.

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Update (0830ET): As independent journalists and the MSM race to shape the narrative surrounding the alleged Waukesha attacker, one thread has exposed him as a potentially admitted child sex trafficker.

We'll leave digging through the detritus to our readers.

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Update (0600ET): Overnight, the City of Waukesha has confirmed that the body count for last night's horrific attack at its Christmas parade has risen to at least five, while more than 40 have been injured. The local PD has also confirmed a person of interest is in custody, as we reported earlier.

The section of Main St. worst impacted by the attack will "not be open" before mid-day tomorrow.

The City Council has asked that all items intended for a memorial be placed at Veterans' Park.

Overnight, the city said the scene was "still fluid", but across the country, journalists and ordinary Americans are waiting on the next update after a man drove his Ford Escape through a barricade and onto the parade route of the city's annual Christmas parade, causing immense damage and loss of life.

According to Red State, the NY Post and others, a person of interest has been identified as Darrell Brooks of Milwaukee. described as a "black man with dreadlocks" who was released on cash bail a few days ago.

Audio recorded by local independent journalists off police scanner chatter has police identifying the suspect as a "lighter skin, black male, dreadlocks, possibly no shoes", which matched the description from several outlets.

Info from the Wisconsin Courts page about Brooks shows his cash bond was posted just a few days ago; he is scheduled for a Zoom hearing just a few days before Christmas, according to WI court records.

Tipsters have also stumbled upon a Soundcloud page allegedly belonging to Brooks which included rap tracks with anti-Trump lyrics. They also featured samples of Malcolm X.

The question now, as Laura Loomer noted overnight, is who exactly paid for Brooks' cash bail? Meanwhile, local authorities said the next press conference will be held at 1300 local time on Monday.

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Update (2015ET): A person of interest has been taken into custody following today's horrific attack at the Waukesha Christmas parade according to VOA News' Steve Herman.

In addition to several fatalities, eleven adults and twelve 'pediatric patients' have been transported to local hospitals according to the fire chief.

Update (1940ET): Footage of the moment the SUV began plowing into parade participants has emerged.

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A mass casualty event has occurred at the Waukesha, WI Christmas parade, after a red SUV allegedly broke through the police line, plowed through pedestrians, and began firing round out of the window. It is unclear at this time how many people have been injured or killed, however at least four people have been reported as having been hit and 'not moving.'

The driver has not been identified as of this writing.

According to WISN's Courtney Sisk, the SUV hit the "dancing grannies" before speeding off, leaving "at least four members" on the ground and were not moving. One of the group's members reportedly flew 'over the hood' of the SUV.

"At the Waukesha Holiday parade and a car just broke through the police line, plowing through pedestrians and firing rounds out the window. Family and I are safe. Happened 20 feet in front of us," wrote Twitter user Zach Heisler (@zrheisler).